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DAVTEE - NEW LOGO Church hall C

New church hall at Bentley

We were passed the challenge to assist the Church in creating a design for a new area of the Church and obtaining Planning Consent.  Due to the status of the Church the designs required permission from many authorities, not just the Local Planning Authority.

Oast house C

Oast house conversion

A former Oast House, then used as a pottery with a timber attached structure located on a farm. The structure was derelict. It was extensively refurbished and altered to create a balanced family home utilising the beautiful Oast features and roof areas.

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Barn conversion C

New garage

The design and creation of a detached garage was sought in order to house vehicles and garden equipment whilst providing a workshop area and first floor storage/games area. The design used traditional and reclaiming materials to ensure that the structure did not appear brand new when compared to the adjacent family home.


Old cottage C

Cottage renovation

This Grade II Listed structure was deteriorating in condition. The structure was stripped back to its frame including the roof and some replacement timbers were required. The brickwork was repaired along with the internal floor areas. The works required specialist care and materials were of a traditional mixture to ensure the structure did not loose any of its original features and that all works were completely in keeping with the original structure.

No 6 front elevation C

This is one of a matching pair of cottages, poorly knocked together to create one house. We re-subdivided the house back into two cottages along with its land and to its original layout, exposing the original timber beams and fireplaces hidden away by years to poor refurbishment works by previous owners.

Cottage separation

after1 before1